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An Advent Calendar Filled with... Supermodels


The traditional chocolate-filled Advent calendar has been in need of an update for some time now—and we though the whisky Advent calendar might have done it, but...

Love magazine has been unveiling a new short film of a scantily clad supermodel each day in their own take on the Advent calendar, and it’s a sight to behold.

Keep an eye on the landing page for each new update, but first, check out a few of our favorites after the jump: »

Borrowing Billy Crystal’s Style in When Harry Met Sally


It’s a testament to the cultural impact of When Harry Met Sally that everyone’s still talking about it 25 years later.

Not only does the movie still hold up, so does Billy Crystal’s style. From the post-college road trip hoodies to the business-casual blazer with jeans to the weekend-worthy chunky-knit Aran sweaters. They’re style notes worth cribbing.

So we’ve dug up the modern-day equivalents of his most stylish looks in the film...»

25 Style Lessons from Seinfeld, 25 Years Later


It’s been 25 years since the very first episode of Seinfeld aired, and 16 since its grand finale, yet it’s still as relevant as ever.

In fact, you could even say the show is suddenly experiencing style renaissance—look no further than the stonewashed rallying cries of #normcore. But it wasn’t all just white sneakers and dad jeans. The show was woven with a rich tapestry of personal styles, from George Costanza to J. Peterman himself, and we’ve tracked down the clips of some of our favorite sartorial moments to see if we’ve learned anything from a show about nothing.

And now: 25 style lessons from Seinfeld, 25 years later...»