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Man of the Hour: Julian Edelman

Man of the Hour: Julian Edelman

Today was the Patriots’ victory parade, and the gents from our Boston bureau alerted us to the following...

While most attendees and honorees showed up in baggy sweatpants and oversize jerseys, wide receiver Julian Edelman showed up in slim-fitting gray pants, suede sneakers, a white V-neck, wayfarers and an unbuttoned cardigan with artfully pushed-up sleeves. 

Add to that a slick new haircut, the full-term playoff beard and his Ferris Bueller–esque antics atop his duck boat, and we couldn’t help but honor him as Man of the Hour. (Albeit somewhat begrudgingly from the non-Pats-fans.)

Check out the MOTH in action, after the jump:

Timepiece Tuesday: Filson Gets into the Watch Game

Timepiece Tuesday: Filson Gets into the Watch Game

Filson has prided itself on making “unfailing goods” since the day they began making blankets for Klondike explorers in 1897. But not until now have any of those goods included watches. So they teamed up with the new torchbearers of American watchmaking, Shinola, to launch their very first watch collection—consisting of field watches, GMTs and chronographs strapped in their legendarily rugged bridle leathers and tin cloth.

They aren’t shipping until March, but we’ve got your preview here:

Santa Goes #Menswear


We’ve long championed the idea of wearing a daily uniform that reflects your personal style, and Old St. Nick has been doing it for centuries (luckily, this is the only time of year you can get away with a red velvet suit).

But the fine folks at Joint London imagined what Papa Noel might wear if he woke up this holiday season in a style rut and decided to try on some Alexander Wang, or Saint Laurent, or Martin Margeila...

And just in case you’re still looking for the perfect holiday cards, these hilariously spot-on illustrations can be downloaded and printed—check them out.»