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Your Guide to the 2014 Menswear Holiday Gift Guides

  • Kempt Staff


Happens right around this time every year, like clockwork: you need to find gifts to give...

And, more importantly: gifts to receive.

But time is too precious to spend leafing through the overwhelming number of gift guides out there—filled with enough gadgetry, machinery and sockery to need another guide just to get through all of them... So that’s exactly what we’re doing, culling through it all—and pulling out the best stuff in this handy be-all, end-all guide.

Herewith, your guide to the menswear holiday gift guides.»

It’s Time for a Pre-Winter Tune-Up

  • Kempt Staff


Not to get too apocalyptic on you, but... winter is coming.

And you ought to be prepared—your trusty jacket might need reproofing, your parka could probably use a bit more down fill and your leather shoes need to be steeled for the snow and salt that will be on the ground before you know it (just ask South Carolina).

So we’ve put together this quick-and-handy guide on how to tune up your gear for winter...»

Folding Chairs Handsome Enough for the Great Indoors

  • Najib Benouar

PHOTO_stylish-folding-chairsThe folding chair is the ultimate summer accomplice—at the ready for a jaunt to the beach or a fireside chat while camping and easily movable to whichever side of the terrace is getting the most sun.

But usually, once summer ends, you’re honor-bound to fold them up and pack them away till it warms up again.

Unless, that is, you get one of the following folding chairs that have been upcycled with handsome leathers, canvas and hardwoods that will take you outdoors in high style while still being handsome enough to transition indoors for the rest of the seasons...

Herewith, the folding chairs handsome enough for the great indoors.»

The Gentleman’s Beach Bag

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


The latest from Beach Week, our effort to send you to the shore in style this summer.

As your toolkit for the shore will make or break your trip to the shore—we’ve curated the essential carry for winning any beach weekend. We call it the Gentleman’s Beach Bag, and it’s got everything from the lotion for your nose to the seat for your bottom, and all manner of shenanigans for the in-between.

Herewith, everything you need for seaside domination...»

How to Up Your On-Court Style Game


Whether it’s Russell Westbrook in bright paisley at a press conference or Dwyane Wade collaborating with yet another menswear brand, our attention has been mostly off-court lately when it comes to basketball style. (Then again, in-action they’re all dressed eerily similarly.)

But although the pros all have to wear matching tech-y uniforms when they step on the court, there’s no reason that your on-court accoutrements can’t have a little extra stylishness. So we rounded up some of the most dapper sports gear on the market to elevate your pickup-hoops-related handsomeness to the next level.

Shooting for three, after the jump...»

When a Man Loves a Filson

  • Kempt Staff


It seems like every day our friends at Filson are introducing some new, beautiful combination of canvas and leather to the world.

And every time they do, we add it to our wish list. But it’s not just because their products are handsome (though they most certainly are); it’s also because of the adventure-filled fantasies that such beautiful creations inspire.

Fish being caught. Trees being felled. Beards being grown.

Trouble is, most of them will stay just that: fantasies. So we’ve put together a few solid excuses for why you just need to invest in our favorites at Filson, regardless of whether or not they’ll go to use out in the wild.

Justify yourself, after the jump...»

A Foolproof Guide to Spring Shoe Care

  • Najib Benouar


This weekend is about the time you’ll want to relegate the heavy footwear to the back of the closet in search of your snuffed suede and cotton.

But before you just toss them into a dark corner for the next six months, you should give them a good once-over. And same goes for the shoes you’re pulling out—things have probably gotten a little musty since last September.

Luckily we’ve got your foolproof guide to spring shoe care, right here...»

The Five Powders to Keep Your Bare Feet Smelling Sweet

  • Najib Benouar


We’ve got a hunch that, sometime in the near future, as you’re heading out for the day, you might feel the strong urge to forgo socks entirely. And that day will be glorious. But also: sweaty. Unless you play it right.

While you’d do well to brush up on our five essentials to keeping your feet smelling sweet, there is one thing you can get now that will prove indispensable throughout the muggier months—regardless of what your insole is made of, or whether or not you’ve got cedar shoe trees just for your sneakers... A quality foot powder.

So, should you feel the need to go beyond the regular old drugstore-variety talcs, we’ve gone and rounded up the five finest fancy foot powders on the market.»

Upgrading Absolutely Everything in Your Medicine Cabinet

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


It’s been five blustery months, but we’re finally here: the onset of spring. As of tomorrow, it will have officially sprung.

Naturally, your minds are reeling over niceties like 7pm sunshine, bare ankles and alfresco drinking. Naturally, our minds are reeling over how to help you look your best for all that good stuff.

So we’ve gone ahead and found the 25 essential upgrades for... pretty much everything you’ve ever had in your medicine cabinet.

Get the full tune-up, after the jump.»

Nine Essential Upgrades to Your Camping Kit


Winter might not be officially over just yet—nine more days, folks—but you’ve probably already begun feeling the early effects of spring fever.

You can just see it all now: walks in the park, sundeck brunches, pickup softball games... and at some point, you might even toy with the notion of going that extra mile (or hundred) to set up camp and commune just a little bit extra with nature. For when that day comes, we’ve rounded up a few of the best ways to do it in style.

Your next-level camping kit, after the jump…»

Win New Year’s Eve with These Five Things

  • Kempt Staff


Hey, quick reminder about tomorrow: don’t forget to pick up your dry cleaning.

Oh, and it’s New Year’s Eve.

Hence, you’re going to need a game plan before heading out into the great unknown of a night filled with new beginnings and old habits dying hard. Which is why we’ve put together this handy five-point cheat sheet on everything from how a lady wants her midnight kiss to properly sabering a champagne bottle to the only guide you’ll ever need on tying your bow tie—something you ought to know whether or not you’re opting to go full tux tomorrow night.

So without further ado, here are the five things you need to read, watch, learn, do and heed to win New Year’s Eve...»