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Dusting Off: Men Wearing Fur

  • Kempt Staff


At some point in the past, before there were terms like “polar vortex,” a man would rise on an exceedingly frigid day, survey the cold and forbidding landscape before him and then reach for the thickest wool pelt in his coat closet as he headed outdoors.

Wearing a fur coat was not only the best way to stay warm, it was the most elegant.

But somewhere along the line, possibly circa 1980, a man wearing a fur coat became an egregious affectation—no longer a simple matter of staying warm. And even more recently, it would seem that the tradition has fallen off almost entirely, even with older ladies and the less savory crowd it’s usually associated with. Perhaps that’s a good thing, because we’re making the case for a revival of gentlemen in fur coats. Especially with all of the puffy synthetic outerwear thick on the ground this time of year, we wouldn’t mind seeing a return to a more graceful way of staying warm.

And if the Princeton man above isn’t inspiration enough, we’ve got a few style icons wearing fur who’ll show you how it’s done...»

Dusting Off: The Ballpark Blue-Collar Beer

  • Sam Eichner


Here’s a cause we can all get behind: beer.

More specifically: Old Style. Even more specifically: Old Style, on draft, at Wrigley Field. But after the Cubs signed an “excusive marketing deal” with Budweiser, making it the exclusive official beer of Wrigley Field, the opportunity to enjoy a foamy Old Style in the Friendly Confines might disappear.

And that, friends, is a damned shame. Here’s why...»

Dusting Off: The Monday Night Football Broadcasters’ Blazer


Before you read this, listen to this.

Done? Okay, good. Now that you’re in the right frame of mind, we need to talk about a very important issue confronting the United States of America this autumn in the year of our lord 2013: the complete lack of sartorial coordination among Monday Night Football announcers.

It’s a goddamn shame, and we believe it’s time to fix it. We can explain (with photos!) after the jump.»