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Seizing the Night with Nuit d’Issey

  • Kempt Staff

1111Kempt_Issey_Mikaye_Nuit d'Issey

They say that the clothes make the man.

And when it comes to his fragrance...

It ought to be made by an exquisitely clothed man.

That man: Issey Miyake. Perhaps you’ve heard of him—he’s been creating handsome things for as long as anyone can remember, and the latest is Nuit d’Issey, a woodsy, spicy, leathery, bergamot-y potion formulated specifically with your evening endeavors in mind.

If you could bottle your typical night out, it would smell a lot like this.»

A Shirt Built for You, $20 Off


If you don’t already have the up-and-coming shirt company by the name of Trumaker on your radar, you should. (And if you do, nice work. Keep reading.)

See, right now they’re giving new and returning customers an exclusive $20 off a built-to-fit shirt with the code SPRING14 at

A little background: the San Francisco–based outfit (with Chicago roots) has been making a name for itself by turning out the sort of handsome, perfect-fitting dress shirts you’ll actually want to wear—without requiring a banker’s collar or salary. They do this thanks to the magic of the Internet and a nationwide network of Outfitters—think personal shopper meets tailor.

Those Outfitters come to you—at the office, the laundromat, wherever it is you’re most comfortable—and measure you up. Then you’ve got your pick of shirts sourced from world-class textile mills, and a few more details to iron out should you be so inclined. (This isn’t your average stuffy bespoke job, nor will there be an overwhelming amount of choices. The curating has been done for you.)

Then, about 30 minutes later, you’re done, and Trumaker will get busy working on your shirts. And before you know it, your new shirts will be at your door.

That simple.

Introducing Combatant Gentlemen’s New Tux

  • Kempt Staff

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You may have heard. It’s Cyber Monday.

But don’t bother—we’ve already found you the best value you’ll see all day, or any day, for that matter...

Because today Combatant Gentlemen has unveiled an incredibly-handsome-yet-amazingly-priced tuxedo, perfectly timed for any winter-gala-ing you plan on doing. (Not to mention New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.)

In case you’re not familiar with the LA-based upstart label Combatant Gentlemen: it’s basically what you get when you combine a third-generation tailor, a fashion-business insider and a tech guru—and subtract all the conventional markup schemes. What you also get: well-made suits cut from 140s wool with real horn buttons... all at an absurd value. And, as of today, a classic tux that’s got satin lapels, traditional waist tabs in the pants and all of the same construction and value Combatant Gentlemen is making its name on. Plus, they’re sweetening the pot today by giving every tuxedo purchaser an opportunity to win a champagne-soaked New Year’s Eve blowout for four in Las Vegas.

You can probably guess the dress code.

40% Off at Levi’s. It’s Glorious.

  • Kempt Staff


Things that say “It’s the holidays”: Gifts. Eggnog. Roasting chestnuts. Levi’s holiday collection.

About that last one...

Levi’s is really kicking the holiday spirit into high gear today by throwing one heck of a sale, with everything 40% off. It’s today and Monday (we’ll understand if you stop reading and start clicking now, by the way) and perfectly timed to help you knock out all the requisite gift-giving on your list—it’s inevitable that you know at least one certain special someone who could use a handsome flask. But should you be in the mood for a bit more self-giving, allow us to point you toward the perfect way to update your corduroy trouser situation with Levi’s spot-on trim cuts. You’ll probably want to pick up a festive cable-knit sweater and a winterized trucker jacket, too, just to make sure you’re fully prepared for the holiday-party circuit. Oh, and to sweeten the pot: you’re also getting free shipping.

Yep. Might want to get your head start now.