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You’re So Vain

  • Najib Benouar


Someone lit a fire under Glenn O’Brien.

For his most recent Style Guy missive, the perma-MOTH wrote a mini-dissertation on the resurging vanity of his fellow man. (He likes it, by the way.) He doesn’t hold back, waxing poetic on historically vain men, delving into the etymology of vain, and showing some optimism in “this new flowering of men.” Honestly, our head’s still spinning from it all, but in a good way.

For the most part, we’re in agreement. Lately, a new dandyism has re-emerged on the scene, but without the prerequisite air of entitlement. Today’s dandy is master of his own (life)style, not afraid to explore, chance a misstep, or put himself at the forefront of the most pressing of global dilemmas: sustainability, healthcare, fedora vs pork-pie.

Oh and did we mention he included a supplemental “27 Case Studies” for a dizzying 47 slides? The man has done his homework.