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Your Very Own Robot Tailor


eCommerce and Flash media have developed together to the point that it’s possible to customize just about anything—with the right site, naturally. But we’re a little unsure of whether taking on tailoring was a good idea. is a customizable shirting site that lets you enter your measurements, select a style, and generally oversee your oxford from conception to completion. Then it’s stitched together in China and shipped to your doorstep, just the way you imagined. Of course, we would never speak ill of tailoring, but something about this setup just doesn’t seem right…

Customizable options are impressive enough, but they’re a remarkably small part of what a good tailor does. Like it or not, most people who walk through his door are neophytes, but by the time they leave they’ve got the skills and the taste they need to build up a personal style. It’s one thing to choose between options on a screen, and it’s another to know what the different options mean, which isn’t something any site has tackled so far.

As for retreating to your closet with a tape measure, taking measurements is as much art as science, and it’s best left to the professionals. Look closely enough and you’ll find one in your town. At least check the yellow pages before you head online.