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Your Summer House Essentials

  • Najib Benouar


Everyone needs a good summer hideaway.

It could be the family lake house, a weekend rental on the Cape or just a really summery corner of your sixth-floor walkup.

But to really make it feel right, you’ve got to have the right vibe—which, granted, is a little different if you’re summering near the sea versus a woodsy lake or river. So we’ve gone ahead and found some handsome appointments and setting-appropriate curios to properly equip your abode.

Here’s what you need to stock that summer shack of yours, depending on whether you’re heading inland or to the beach.

Walls For the walls. Lake House: Vintage boat oars and life preservers. Beach House: A vintage ship wheel and nautical flags.

Bookshelf For the bookshelf. Lake House: The Maltese Falcon Beach House: The Old Man and the Sea

Desk For the desk. Lake House: A set of bird watchers. Beach House: A vintage nautical compass.

Day For the day excursion. Lake House: A canoe. Beach House: Beach chairs.

Night For the night. Lake House: A Pendleton blanket. Beach House: A beach bonfire.