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Your Spring Bike Ride with the Style Icons

  • Najib Benouar


Now that you’ve upgraded your cycling gear and tuned up your bike (lest you forget, it is a spring must-have), it’s about time you actually got out there and felt the spring breeze in your hair...

But first, you’ll want to pick up a few style cues from some of the most dapper men to ever peddle around town.

032414_Bicycle_1Humphrey Bogart

032414_Bicycle_2Frank Sinatra

032414_Bicycle_3Elvis Presley

032414_Bicycle_4Warren Beatty

032414_Bicycle_5Paul Newman

032414_Bicycle_6Sean Connery

032414_Bicycle_7Peter O’Toole

032414_Bicycle_8Kirk Douglas

032414_Bicycle_9Bill Murray