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Your Ski Chalet Essentials

  • Najib Benouar

Now that ski season is in full swing, it’s imperative that you properly equip your chalet (or, at the very least, the place you’ll live this winter) to make sure you’re getting the most out of your wintry escapades. The ideal winter den requires a strong balance of ruggedness, alpinism and—above all else—coziness.

And we’ve got just the five things you’ll need to strike that balance, from animal hide to open flame.

A Bearskin Rug:The sine qua non of wintry interior ruggedness everywhere.

Vintage Snowshoes:For ambience, most likely—casually leaning against a desk, or hanging on a wall. But possibly handy when you’re in desperate need of single-drip coffee during a blizzard.

A Boot and Glove Dryer:There’s nothing worse than having to face the cold, slushy outdoors after pulling on soggy boots.

A Down Robe:You’ll think you’ve died and gone to hell—but really it’s just an extremely toasty part of heaven.

A Coffee Table with a Built-In Fireplace:In case you don’t already have a source of indoor fire—or in the event that the distance between your overstuffed lounger and current fireplace is looming a bit too large.