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Your Pre-Fall Provisions

  • Najib Benouar


The leaves have yet to turn, but you can feel the subtle changes happening. Nights are getting cooler. Your urge for selvage denim, stronger. We’re entering the transitional phase between gin fizz weather and spiked cider weather—a phase we like call Pre-Fall.

On any given day, you’ll need to be prepared for a sudden turn for the brisk. So we’ve put together the four key ingredients to keeping warm but not too warm in the weeks upcoming. Mix to taste.

The Long Sleeve Polo. It’s the polo, but sweaterized. Which is why we’re partial to heather grey. If you’re not sure how to pull off the look, the gentlemen at Gant have a few things to show you.

The Shacket. If you insist on wearing something short sleeved as long as humanly possible, we’d advise layering up with a shacket—an easily sheddable cross between heavy shirt and light jacket. Should come in handy on your morning trek to the beach and when gathering bonfire wood come nightfall. Also: moonlit strolls.

The Quilted Vest. You'll want something with long sleeves underneath it, but the quilted vest is a great way to sustain your core body temp while not being too bulky. Save the down puffer vest for more dire times.

Socks. As much as it pains us to admit, it might be time to put some socks on. Be gentle, there’s no telling how your feet will react after months of freedom.

And if these aren't working, it probably means it's time for the chunky knits and tweed.