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Your New Source for Texan Sundries

  • Najib Benouar

Today, our comrades over at UrbanDaddy hipped us to the launch of Stag’s webshop. For some time now, the Austin shop has been a staple for rough-and-tumble Texan dandies—trading in everything from chinos to blazers to one-off vintage finds. For the launch, they’ve focused on the clothes, but we’ve got it on high authority that the turquoise belt buckles and rattlesnake skins are not far behind. So keep your eyes peeled. And in the meantime...

Let’s take a look at what Stag’s webshop has to offer.

Sunglasses strong enough to withstand the pounding strength of the Southwestern sun. Which means they’ll suit your needs just fine.

Spectacular leather wallets from Italy. Thanks to their obsession with boots, Texans were way ahead of the rest of us on the Italian trend.

An unstructured cotton blazer embroidered with anchors. Hey, they’ve got yachts in the Gulf. Pick up one of these on your way.

They’ve got a solid stock of RRL—which is usually hard to find otherwise. It’s all stuff that’ll give you bona fide Western street cred, but the shirts actually fit well.