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Your New Go-To for Shirting: Trumaker


We’re of the mind that every shirt—not just the stuff headed for the boardroom—could benefit from the custom treatment.

Which is why you ought to know about Trumaker, a shirting company born in San Francisco that’s making the sort of handsome built-to-fit shirts you’ll actually wear—without the need for a banker’s collar or salary—thanks to the magic of the Internet and a network of Outfitters across the US.

And get this: as a way of introducing themselves, they’re knocking $20 off your first built-to-fit shirt, made to your exacting specifications.

Unlike most custom shirt operations—online or otherwise—Trumaker keeps it simple with a carefully curated selection of patterns and high-end materials. You won’t have to sift through dozens upon dozens of collar styles or fabrics not worth your time. They’ve edited it all down to the good stuff for you: narrow-loom chambrays, luxurious oxford cloths and original designs you won’t find anywhere else.

Once you’ve made an appointment, they’ll set you up with a local Outfitter who will measure you, take you through your options, place your order and voilà: handsomeness is on the way. Plus, they’ll save your preferences and measurements online, so ordering new shirts is a cinch.

Assuming you understand how to click a mouse.