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Your Monthly Tumblr Debriefing: Euro-Steez, Summer Inspiration and Lapo Elkann

  • Kempt Staff


Tumblr. It’s a vast and mythical landscape of handsome #menswear, impossibly cool gentlemen and achingly beautiful photography flying by at warp speed. And June saw a lot of European stylishness, vintage preppiness, summer inspiration and at least one Lapo sighting...

So, without further ado, here’s the good stuff you missed on Tumblr in the past month:

070114_Tumblr-1via Vox Sartoria

070114_Tumblr-2via Rugged Old Salt

070114_Tumblr-3via Ovadia & Sons

070114_Tumblr-4via You Broke the Internet

070114_Tumblr-5via Sig et al.

070114_Tumblr-6via Stag

070114_Tumblr-7via How to Talk to Girls at Parties

070114_Tumblr-8via The Bengal Stripe