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Your Holiday Host Gift Guide

1125hostHED It’s not an insignificant amount of work that goes into making Thanksgiving, well, the best.

And unless you’re the one who plans on spending their Thursday basting, mashing and otherwise preparing for that all-out food-for-all, then you better not be showing up empty-handed. Now, we’re not at all saying you need to spend a fortune. But in the spirit of the day, your hosts better damned well know that you appreciate them putting in the effort.

That’s where we come in. Having combed the Internet so you don’t have to, we’ve compiled some of the finest ways to praise your own pumpkin pie purveyors.

Give thanks, now.

For Sipping: 1125host1 Abraham Bowman Gingerbread Beer Finished Bourbon. No doubt they could use a stiff drink. And this one’s like winter in a tumbler.

For Boozy Inspiration: 1125host2 Winter Cocktails. Because Christmas is around the corner, and you sure aren’t making the eggnog.

For Presenting the Bird: 1125host3 Pidge Boards Large Hardwood Cutting Board. It took a full day to cook; help them carve the thing in style.

For a Gentlemanly Aroma: 1125host4 Valor Irish Tweed Scented Candle. Everyone loves a scented candle. Everyone.

For the Post-Turkey Nap: 1125host5 Faribault Trapper Throw. How about letting them get cozy, while you help with the dishes? That’d be nice.

For the Morning After: 1125host6 Stumptown Journeyman Coffee Set. The proper way to nurse a food hangover.

For Round Two: 1125host7 Caption: BLiS Bourbon Barrel Matured Pure Maple Syrup. Stuffing pancakes. Yup.