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Your Handsome New Running Gear

  • Kempt Staff


For all the handsome athletic-inspired menswear that’s been popping up lately, most of it is stuff that you wouldn’t actually wear to the gym or out on the trails.

Luckily our friends at UrbanDaddy have just tipped us off to a new athletic wear brand that’s taking cues from tailoring and the New England tradition of running.

Tracksmith is the brainchild of a former Yale track star and Rapha alum—in other words, exactly who you want making your running gear. They’ve launched with the essentials: a training tee, a singlet, a spike bag and shorts in two lengths. The Longfellow is cut longer in a modern tech fabric, while the Van Cortlandt has got a Prefontaine-esque inseam and old-school mesh that’s been thoughtfully updated.

Get a closer look here:


072414_Tracksmith-Van-Courtland-SingletVan Cortlandt Singlet

072414_Tracksmith-Van-Courtland-ShortVan Cortlandt Short

072414_Tracksmith-LongfellowLongfellow Short

072414_Tracksmith-Spike-BagFactory Floor Spike Bag