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Yellow Devils

  • Jared Paul Stern

Veuve Cliquot

Yes, champagne at New Year's has gotten a bit tiresome, but don't switch to controlled substances just yet—Veuve Cliquot has hit on a way to brighten things up.

We've always loved the mandarin orange label on the bottles, which the company calls yellow for some reason; they're so damned natty. Someone we know (*cough, cough*) once even had his dining room painted to match. To celebrate the House of Cliquot's 130th anniversary they've just released a limited edition 3-liter “Yellowboam” (a play on Jeroboam), equivalent to four regular bottles.

The extravagant hand-crafted vessels feature 22-karat gold foil, 24-karat gold muzzles and labels in a choice of three exotic mandarin orange leathers: alligator, ostrich or stingray. An elegant and restrained alternative to the logo-made, branding-gone-wild of most luxury purveyors these days, the bottles have no type on them at all save for Madame Cliquot's signature. Only 3600 Yellowboams have been made and they're somewhat hard to come by, but we've ferreted some out at Crush Wine on 57th St. (listed at $2,399) and, where they're going for $1,999. The best part: when you've licked up the last drop you can send the leather bits back to Cliquot and they'll make 'em into card cases for you.