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Yard Workwear

  • Najib Benouar

Paul Newman

Now that your spring awakening should be in full swing, you’re going to want the proper attire for all the spring cleaning you’ll be doing this weekend (especially if you’re dusting off the push reel mower).

Sure, an old retired pair of jeans will do in a pinch, but there comes a point in the life of any piece of clothing when it’s been run too ragged to be of service (but hey, now you’ve got something authentically broken-in to wear fashionably).

The answer: something tougher than the workwear-inspired stuff that’s been floating around the Internet for the past few years now. We’re talking about real workwear. Stuff you don’t have to worry about beating up, because it was made for it—and because the price didn’t have the overseas shipping from a small artisan workshop in Japan built into it. We’re not guaranteeing all of this stuff will fit the same way, but you’ll be happy to have that extra give in your pants’ rise when kneeling down to change the spool in your edger.

Herewith, your head-to-toe yard workwear kit.

You might have a ball cap that’s been doing a decent-enough job, but this lightweight waxed-cotton five-panel cap from Archival Clothing is tougher, more breathable and waterproof.Archival Clothing

That chambray work shirt you picked up a while back was not built to withstand the rigors of anything beyond the activities in that J.Crew catalog. Here’s a hemp-blend option from Orvis that should have you better prepared for battle.Orvis

Throwing on a vest is an option you might want to exercise: Filson’s tin cloth vest has got all the pockets, added weatherproofing and bit of core warmth you might need.Filson

Here’s a good Texas-made pair of fatigue pants that are sturdy yet lightweight and cut just barely slim enough to be found at a few of the more bloggerly shops around, like Chicago’s Independence and Brooklyn’s Hickoree’s.Independence

And for any of your indoor-bound spring labors, here’s the hardest-working bathrobe out there (we can only assume): this utility robe from Winnifred Beach.Winnifred Beach

Oh, and don’t forget a sturdy pair of gloves.Gloves