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Working on your Tan


Spring is definitively here, and the minds of fashion writers everywhere are turning to thoughts of khaki…

The Wall Street Journal just posted a seasonal ode to the neutral hue (via SwipeLife) and it got us thinking about the risks and rewards of the beige life.

Of course, a light khaki suit is always nice to have when May rolls around—and clearly it's pretty alluring in a women’s swimsuit—but that’s just the beginning.


The button-up explorer look (exhibited on the left by UNIS’ Eunice Lee) is a rougher take on the look, which makes it a bit more appealing than the usual pressed slacks. (And, naturally, it’s unisex.) The gentleman on the right takes a bit more monochromatic take on it with a little help from Bottega Veneta—but it’s the kind of look that looks better on photoshoots than in real life.


Our advice: keep it simple, as with the iconic Ralph Lauren trench coat on the left. Or if you decide to go all out, we recommend taking after the southern gentleman on the right. Varied lighter colors give you a more casual take on the Wolfe-ian white suit, and it all looks perfectly seasonal.

Naturally, we recommend finding a sun-dappled lawn first.