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Winter-Proofing Your Wardrobe, Head-to-Toe

  • Najib Benouar

Here we are, heading into the frigid depth of winter.

And while staying warm is of the utmost importance, that doesn’t mean you can head into public swaddled in a giant blanket (at least not until winter 2014). So we dug up some of the warmest, most handsome gear out there to give you the necessary shelter your morning commute requires.

Optimizing your warmth-to-dapperness ratio from head to toe.»

Shearling-lined Bean Boots: 200 grams of Thinsulate under a luxurious shearling lining, under supple bison leather—all cocooning your feet. L.L.Bean FTW.

Insanely warm thermals: Like any structure, building your fortress of bodily warmth requires a strong foundation. This thermal union suit from Isaora is your rock-solid concrete slab.

14-ounce wool flannel trousers: Okay, let’s say you’re not keen on strapping yourself into a bodysuit, but you’re still interested in keeping your legs toasty. Let us recommend anything woolen—the heavier, the better. And these Tasmanian wool trousers from Howard Yount should do the trick quite well.

Chunky cable-knit sweater: This should allow you to fortify any shirting you might be wearing—broadcloth isn’t the warmest weave, but that won’t matter when it’s draped in cable knit.

A Barbour gilet: Here’s where your layering strategy really shines—you’ll be ready for a blustering-cold commute that ends in a tropical-thermostat’d office. Just remove vest.

A cashmere scarf: If the Wu-Tang has taught us anything, it’s: protect ya neck. (The lyrics were originally: cashmere rules everything around me.)

The double-faced Italian wool overcoat: Todd Snyder knows a thing or two about military-inspired outerwear and Italian double-faced wool. All you need to know about that stuff is that it will keep you incredibly warm.