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Why Do These Socks Cost $1,500?

  • Caitlin Ganswindt


Harrys of London recently unveiled “The Most Exclusive Sock in the World” and our minds got to reeling: do you need to know a guy who knows a guy to buy a pair? Is there a secret handshake for getting them on your feet? But mostly, why the hell do they cost $1,500?

Naturally, we did some investigating. Presenting: a by-the-numbers breakdown of the world’s most expensive socks...

100%: Cervelt, harvested from the coat of New Zealand red deer.

3 microns: Finer than Mongolian cashmere (formerly considered the world’s finest).

15 mm: Shorter than aforementioned cashmere fibers.

20 g: Cervelt yielded per deer annually.

68.58 g Fiber required for each pair.

2.2: Individual deer present in each sock.

100: Pairs made in total.

10: Pairs still available, as of this morning.

1,442.03: USD for each set of two.

1:10: Likelihood we’ll try to get our hands on a pair for “further research.”

$1,442.03: Projected expenses for January ’14.