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When and Where It’s Okay to Use a Lint Roller

  • Kempt Staff


This curious GIF of Drake sitting courtside at the last Toronto Raptors game has been making the Internet rounds lately...

It would seem that the high-profile Raptors fan was openly using a lint roller during a break in play. (And of course the watchful eye of the Internet caught it.)

While we must applaud Aubrey Graham’s commitment to garment maintenance, it seemed a bit out of place. And it got us thinking deeply about the situations wherein it’s appropriate, mildly appropriate and not at all appropriate to use a lint roller.

Allow us to lay it all out for you (and Mr. Graham) in this handy green/yellow/red guide to when and where it’s okay to use a lint roller:

Green: In the privacy of your own home; In the confines of a dressing room; In front of your tailor; In a limousine en route to a public event; If you’ve been mauled by a particularly hairy animal/person; If you are a particularly hairy animal/person.

Yellow: Sitting in the second row or farther back in a sports arena; In front of a potential love interest; Under the dinner table; If you’ve been wearing a feather boa (this is mostly due to the wearing a feather boa part).

Red: In the shower; On the red carpet; At a client meeting; Sitting front row at a sporting event where all eyes are on you.