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When a Man Loves a Filson

  • Kempt Staff


It seems like every day our friends at Filson are introducing some new, beautiful combination of canvas and leather to the world.

And every time they do, we add it to our wish list. But it’s not just because their products are handsome (though they most certainly are); it’s also because of the adventure-filled fantasies that such beautiful creations inspire.

Fish being caught. Trees being felled. Beards being grown.

Trouble is, most of them will stay just that: fantasies. So we’ve put together a few solid excuses for why you just need to invest in our favorites at Filson, regardless of whether or not they’ll go to use out in the wild.

0403filson1The 72 Hour Briefcase The Dream: Long weekends building a log cabin in the Adirondacks, plans of which you’ve extensively drafted by yourself on your solar-powered tablet. The Justifications for Buying: Business trips that last longer than you’d like; the need to transport both your laptop and iPad.

0403filson2The Duffle Backpack The Dream: Hitting the road for a journey from your home in the Pacific Northwest, possibly in Seattle though more likely Portland, down the coast all the way to Patagonia. The Justifications for Buying: Bringing a spare outfit, or seven, to practice with your office baseball team; increased mobility while transferring your dirty clothes to the laundromat.

0403filson3The Tin Cloth Packer Hat The Dream: The beating sun overhead, you brush sweat from your brow as you attempt to reel in from the river that one massive, almost mythical fish that’s avoided your hooks for years. The Justifications for Buying: Heavy rainfall between the Subway and your office; alternatively, your prone-to-sunburn-on-a-cloudy-day complexion.

0403filson4The Light Shooting Jacket The Dream: Impressing your soon-to-be father-in-law, a senator from Ohio with connections in the West Wing, with your impeccable marksmanship while hunting quail on the grounds of his private estate. The Justifications for Buying: Weekend trips to the wilds of Brooklyn; “One can never have too many waxed-cotton jackets.”

0403filson5The Jac-Shirt The Dream: On a late-fall camping trip in British Columbia, you and five of your closest friends pass a bottle of Bulleit around a fire and discuss the debauchery of your collegiate years. The Justifications for Buying: That impossible-to-navigate temperature range where it’s too hot to wear a jacket but too cool to not; picking out specific cuts of meat in the butcher’s walk-in.

0403filson6The Light Work Vest The Dream: Designing and constructing your own dining set—complete with 15-foot table and chairs—made of lumber harvested from your own backyard. The Justifications for Buying: Protecting the front of your shirt from stray bits of lunch; appearing handy to prospective mates.

0403filson7The Log Carrier The Dream: Harvesting the aforementioned wood and collecting a reserve so as to stock your fire, while your significant other pours you a glass of small-batch scotch. The Justifications for Buying: There aren’t any, really. But why not?