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What’s the Deal with Fancy Sneakers?

  • Kempt Staff
What’s the Deal with Fancy Sneakers?

The fancying-up of the humble sneaker has been happening for some time now.

First it was haute fashion brands putting studs and wings on them. And then a few loving homages. But now it seems brands aren’t even trying to disguise the fact that they’re making the same shoes, nearly stitch-for-stitch, as the non-fancy ones we’ve been wearing since childhood.

It’s getting pretty blatant, and we’re here to take a stand...

Just buy the originals.

Sure, for the most part, the upcycled sneakers are pretty darn good-looking, but there’s really no reason to spend 10 times the cost for the exact same shoe—that’s still probably better in the first place, give or take some Horween leather or “hand-finishing in Portugal.” (Why is it always Portugal these days?)

They’re sneakers. They’re meant to be treated as such. Worn to within an inch of their lives, and wistfully tossed in the trash after the many adventures you’ve shared together have rendered them too holy [prayer emoji].

So, now that it’s about that time you’re considering a new pair of knock-around kicks for the summer, we’ll leave you some cold, hard facts:

What’s the Deal with Fancy Sneakers?

The pair of already pre-distressed kicks above will set you back the same cost as buying a new pair of Stan Smiths every other summer for the next 15 years.

What’s the Deal with Fancy Sneakers?

Admittedly, these Hender Schemes are pretty darn slick, but wouldn’t you rather get to stomping in your Air Force 1s? You could buy 10 new pairs. Do it for the St. Lunatics.

What’s the Deal with Fancy Sneakers?

And when it comes to a new pair of canvas slip-ons, you’ve got to pick the Vans Originals over Common Projects—unless those 10 gold numbers are worth their weight in gold to the tune of an extra $340.