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What Your Summer Drink Says About You

  • Kempt Staff


The sun is out. The air is hot. And you’re going to need a drink.

But before you start ordering or mixing up cold, refreshing adult beverages at will, you’ll want to choose wisely. Because with the vast number of blended, lime-y, tiny-umbrella-wielding options before you, what you ultimately end up sipping on is making a statement. And since we’re here to help, we’ve gone ahead and laid out a handy road map for you:

What your summer drink says about you...

DaquiriA Daiquiri: “I’ve either got a Hemingway-amount of masculinity to pull off this drink... or not.”

Pina ColadaA Piña Colada: “I also like getting caught in the rain.”

ShandyA Shandy: “These are so hot right now. I mean: it’s so hot out right now. (I’ll be drinking micheladas by the end of summer.)”

NegroniA Negroni: “I take my feigned sprezzatura very, very seriously.”

MargaritaA Margarita: “See: Colada, Piña.”

Gin and TonicA Gin and Tonic: “I don’t have time for all that shaking, stirring and whatnot.”

Mint JulepA Mint Julep: “I’ve been to the Kentucky Derby and want to spend the next few hours telling you all about it.”

MojitoA Mojito: “I’m living la vida loca.”