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What Your Spring Scent Says About You


The birds are chirping. The trees are in bloom. The sun’s still up when you leave the office... most of the time.

Ah, isn’t spring glorious?

Now that the better weather’s here to stay, it’s about time to swap out your deep, smoky winter fragrance for more a seasonally appropriate option—that is, something light, fresh and probably with a hint of citrus. But, of course, not just any eau will do.

So behold, our practical guide to what your spring scent says about you...

0417scents1Emblem, by Mont Blanc: “I built my company’s offices on Central Park so that I could see cherry blossoms from my corner office.”

0417scents2Bentley for Men Azure, by Bentley: “I couldn’t decide whether I preferred the convertible or the coupe, so I bought both.”

0417scents3Gentlemen Only Intense, by Givenchy: “I’ve never done anything half-assed in my life. This conversation included.”

0417scents4L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport Mint, by Issey Miyake: “I have no intention of waiting the 16 days until the Derby to drink my first julep of the season.”

0417scents5Eau d’Arômes, by Georgio Armani: “I might be wearing a linen suit, but all signs point to me still annihilating you in the boardroom.”

0417scents6Special for Gentlemen, by Le Galion: “I only use small-batch, vintage-inspired balsamic to dress my locally sourced kale salads.”

0417scents7Nightcap, by Original Penguin: “‘Better safe than sorry’ is more than a motto to me. It’s a state of being.”

0417scents8L’Eau de Phaedon, by Phaedon: “The only thing I love more than the Louvre is telling people how much I love the Louvre.”

0417scents9Valentino Uomo, by Valentino: “My black leather boots are far more likely to have been on a runway than revving a motorcycle engine.”

0417scents10Homme, by VFiles: “Sunscreen is for those who have never heard of flat-brimmed hats.”