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What Your Printed Swimsuit Says About You

  • Kempt Staff


Printed swimsuits are having a moment. (Look no further than our summer must-haves for proof.)

This summer, it seems that every menswear label with access to quick-dry material has put out some sort of printed swimsuit—from camo to full-on art photography—and in the event you’re in the market for one or have already jumped on the trend, it’s imperative you know how your fellow pool-mates or beach-goers are reading into your choice. So, in our grand fashion of telling you what your sartorial choices mean:

Here’s what your printed swimsuit says about you.

SwimsuitsThe Camouflage Print: “Contrary to the idea of camo, I’m not trying to blend in...”

SwimsuitsThe Vintage Photography Print: “Wish you were here...”

SwimsuitsShort and Floral Print: “I don’t always wear a baseball cap, but when I do, I wear it backwards.”

SwimsuitsRed-and-Blue Stripe Print: “I may or may not play for the Harlem Globetrotters.”

SwimsuitsThe Caviar Print: “I spill more than I eat.”

SwimsuitsThe Paisley Print: “I can’t very well wear my power tie into the water—so I found the closest thing for my legs.”