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What Your Menswear Backpack Is Saying About You

  • Najib Benouar

Lately we’ve been noticing, in certain menswear circles, the arrival of more and more backpacks on well-heeled shoulders...

And the variety of options out there is astounding—from camouflage packs to book bags for Swedish school children. So we thought it was time to figure out what it all meant. Or, rather, what one’s method of carrying a laptop and other daily essentials says about the wearer—especially when that method is generally reserved for students and paratroopers. Without further ado:

What your backpack is saying about you, a Kempt guide.

Ethanmade Penny Pack“My other car is one of those old-timey bicycles with a giant front wheel and tiny back one.”

Rag & Bone Jaybird Backpack“It’s liberating to spend $400 on something as plain and unassuming as this backpack.”

Woolrich Gray Striped Backpack“I believe that all my belongings should be swaddled in a wool blanket—even my laptop.”

Archival Roll-Top“I am totally prepared for a civilization-ending event that would return us to forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers. (Luckily, the cleaning instructions specifically bar dry-cleaning.)”

Fjällräven Kånken“Excuse me, I’m looking for Mrs. Tendervittle’s Design 101 classroom...”

Herschel Supply Camouflage Backpack“What backpack?”

Louis Vuitton Backpack“You take that back, Kanye West is a national treasure.”

Mismo M/S Backpack“These shoulders are so #menswear right now, they’re turning Neapolitan."