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What Your Knit Cap Is Saying About You

  • Najib Benouar

As deep winter approaches, it’s more than likely you’re starting to pull out the scarves and hats to assess the state of your current warmth-retaining paraphernalia.

At the heart of it all: the knit cap.

And on the occasion that you’re looking for a new one or contemplating reviving an old standby, you ought to know what your choice of topper is saying about you...

So, herewith, a handy guide to understanding the vibe your knit cap is projecting.

The Saggy BeanieDude, I’m moving to Colorado the moment those new pot laws go into effect.

The Watch CapPlus these camo pants, a field watch, an M-65 jacket, my lucky vintage grenade key fob... I’m ready for fucking World War III to break out in this replica mercantile coffee shop at any second.

The Pom-PomI have no idea what this extra ball of fuzz is for either, but paired with the knit onomatopoeia, I think it really makes for some nice cranial ambience.

The Zissou RedThree years ago, when these were atop every head in #menswear, a friend sat me down in front of a YouTube clip of The Life Aquatic and my life was changed forever.

The Beard-oThis is almost as awesome as the tiny mustache I have tattooed on my index finger.

The Brimmed BeanieJust got a new snowboard and I’m jonesing for some sicky-gnar-gnar pow to shred this weekend, bro.