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What Your Flannel Shirt Says About You


We’ve got good news and bad news.

First, the bad news: your favorite flannel shirt is making more of a statement about you than you thought.

But the good news is we’ve got you covered, with a cotton-to-English translation of exactly what your choice of plaid workwear is saying. Because whether you’re backwoods, Brooklyn or just plain Borland, you wouldn’t want your brushed-cotton shirting projecting anything but.

Herewith, a nifty guide to what your flannel says about you:

1014flannel1“I am multifaceted and sensitive, as you must have noticed by my pairing of heavyweight flannel with artisanal mandolin.”

1014flannel2“I am still trying to figure out where the pocket square goes in this thing.”

1014flannel3“My profession requires an innate understanding of how to swing an axe.”

1014flannel4“Interestingly enough, so does mine.”

1014flannel6“The only reason I haven’t burned down my cubicle is the institution of the casual Friday.”

1014flannel7“I started sporting a mustache and flannel long before they were considered cool.”

1014flannel8“Yes, it is indeed the flannel here that is meant to draw your attention.”