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What Your Fall Scent Says About You


For the past three months, “clean and refreshing” may have been used to describe both the beverage in your hand and your choice of cologne.

Chances are, that’ll change soon. And naturally, we’re here to translate the array of autumnal fragrances before you. (As for a fall drink, may we recommend a wassail?)

Behold, our practical guide to what your fall scent says about you...


Base Note: Coffee Flower Example: 10 Roam, by Odin “You can find me reading a leather-bound book and stirring a frothy drink in a café near you.”


Base Note: Red Saffron Example: Ralph Lauren Polo Red “I like to watch the leaves change colors, but only from a safe distance.”


Base Note: Black Pepper Example: L’Homme Parfum Intense, by Yves Saint Lauren “I like my hot chocolate with a bit of spice. And tequila.”


Base Note: Pine Example: Bottega Veneta Pour Homme “I enjoy camping quite a bit less than I’d like you to believe.”


Base Note: Cedar Example: Atlas, by the Motley “My Brooklyn loft has artisanal tree trunks in place of bedposts.”


Base Note: Bergamot Example: Made-to-Measure, by Gucci “I order my Old Fashioneds with a slightly larger-than-normal orange wedge.”