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What Your Fall Drink Says About You


The leaves, they are a-changing. The days are getting shorter. And there’s getting to be quite the chill in the air.

Fall has (finally) descended in full force, and that means it’s time to ditch those refreshing summer cocktails for drinks that do a better job of warming your bones after a long day of raking leaves. Something maple-y, perhaps? But be warned: your choice of autumnal elixir is sure to make a pretty intense assertion about you, so it’s crucial to decide beforehand what you want it saying. And since we’re always here to help, we went ahead and took their statements to make that choice a little easier for you.

What your fall cocktail says about you, now:

1022falldrinks1A Scotch on the Rocks: “All I need to keep me warm is the hair on my chest and the Kemptress on my arm.”

1022falldrinks2A White Russian: “The Dude has been a consistent source of inspiration for me.”

1022falldrinks3A Spiked Cider: “This is the only thing that’s making this corn maze bearable right now.”

1022falldrinks4A Hot Toddy: “I’d much rather be at home, covered in blankets and hate-reading a Nicholas Sparks novel.”

1022falldrinks5A Whiskey Sour: “Next thing you know, it’ll be spring again... right?”

1022falldrinks6Mulled Wine: “I wield my cable-knit shawl-neck cardigan like a Mr. Rogers–esque badge of honor.”

1022falldrinks7A Manhattan: “I like my cocktails like I like my humor: dry and classy.”

1022falldrinks8An Irish Coffee: “It takes a lot to get me through the morning.”