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What Your Dog Says About You

  • Najib Benouar


The bond between stylish man and dog has enjoyed a long and illustrious history.

Picasso had one. Bogart, too. Newman had a small pack of ’em. Gosling’s mohawked mutt is nearly as famous as he is. And the list goes on...

So whether you’ve already got one of your own or you’re thinking about it, you’ll want to make sure you know what your choice in canine companion is projecting to the world during your upcoming summer of city strolls and park outings. Without further ado:

What your dog says about you, according to the icons.»

newman-dog The Terrier Mix: “Either my place is pretty small or I have a few more of these running around... somewhere.”

Dog-Clooney1 A Spaniel: “Everything I pet must have long, luscious locks.”

piccassodog0607 A Dachshund: “It’s funny hearing people talk about my wiener in an excitedly high-pitched voice.”

paul-mccartney-dog0607 A Sheepdog: “In the end, this was a better choice than a pet panda bear.”

Bradley-Cooper-Dog0607 A Retriever: “Being blithesome and lovable is a lifestyle.”

Cary Grant-dog0607 A Boston Terrier: “Guess which one of us is known as ‘The American Gentleman.’”

idris-dog0607 Ambiguously White and Fluffy: “This is the Stringer Bell of lap dogs.”

depp-dog-crop-0607 Cavalier King Charles: “Yes, we are the cutest thing ever.”