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What Your Convertible Says About You


The open road beckons.

And to welcome in the most glorious of travel seasons, we’re proclaiming it Road Trip Week here on Kempt.

So, to kick off the festivities, let’s begin with your getaway vehicle of choice. Of course, the sin qua non is the convertible—there’s nothing like throwing caution to the wind while it’s blowing through your hair. But the question still remains: which mode of topless transport best suits your sensibilities?

Naturally, we’ve got the answer to that... »

1965-Shelby-Cobra-289-1A Shelby Cobra: “Yes, I only drive vehicles that require pilot’s goggles.”

alfa-romeo-spider-1An Alfa Romeo Spider: “Not coincidentally, my life is exactly like Dustin Hoffman’s in The Graduate.”

A43A801E38B7DB0B8AB656A990A Triumph TR2: “Pardon me, do you have any vintage British castor oil...?”

stangA ’60s Mustang: “I’m fully committed to Americana. Even if it means having to refill the tank way more often than eco-consciously acceptable.”

tubbsncrocketA Ferrari Daytona Spider: “... [cues up the synth riff from “Take On Me” playing on loop]”

beetle-convertibleA VW Beetle: “Free love.”

Porsche-Boxster_2013A Porsche Boxster: “It’s pronounced Porsche.”

volvo-c70A Volvo Convertible: “She insisted on the safety of a Volvo. I managed to dodge the station-wagon bullet. And here we are.”

Fiat-JollyA Fiat Jolly: “A) This actually exists. B) The only person who could ever make this look cool was Gianni Agnelli, who had them custom-designed for his beach excursions.”