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What Your Back Pockets Say About You

  • Najib Benouar

BGN1SXQ_zzConsider denim. It’s sturdy. Loyal. Cleans up nice. So we’re giving denim—in all of its forms—the credit it deserves by declaring it Denim Week here on Kempt...

You can learn all you need to know about a pair of jeans from their back pockets—and like every sartorial decision you make, your jeans are saying something about you. Here’s what:

levis-back-pocket-red-tab“I actually feel a deep, smoldering inspiration in the pit of my soul every time I watch one of those ‘Go Forth!’ ads... to get outside and run some errands.”

8395002531_03e714d734_c“I lived ‘Requiem for a Denimhead’... I still live it, man. The night terrors.”

true-religion-billy-leather-and-studs-jeans-2011“You know that show, Jon & Kate Plus 8? That was me.”

Seven For All Mankind“My mother bought these for me at a department store once... Last week.”

rrl2og2“Ralph Lauren’s ranch is my personal Graceland.”

BGN1SXQ_zz“Having to explain ‘stealth wealth’ to you defeats the purpose.”

AMS1331RM_blue_apple_bottoms_apple_pocket_shorts1“Yes, I am also wearing the boots with the fur.”