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What You Need to Know About Shoelaces


Let’s talk shoelaces.

They’re one of the most customizable parts of your wardrobe, and swapping in some more colorful ones is one of the quickest paths to a more personalized style. But naturally, there are a few things to know before you get started…

Finding them is the easy part. (Our trendier friends have been excited about these waxed laces lately, although we’re sticking with these.) Since you’re getting them online, the trick is knowing in advance which colors will work and which won’t. That’s where style blogging comes in:

The Basic Moves The most basic, vanilla move is matching the laces to the lightest color on your shoe, as in the Street Etiquette pic above. Beyond that, you can try laces that are slightly lighter but in the same general family, like this gentlemen or this one. It’s sharp, but you won’t be at risk of blowing anyone’s mind. Oh, and if you happen to have a pair of stomping winter boots, you’re going to want to go red. It’s one of the few colorful lace tricks that can honestly be described as classic.

Advanced Theory Once you’ve mastered the basics, all those rules get a little looser. The thing to remember is, you want the laces to play nicely anything you might wear with those shoes. But since you’re working on a pretty small canvas, you’ll have more room to maneuver than you might think. One of our favorite shoe-related touches of the summer was the purple laces on Paul Smith’s Manchester uniforms, a reminder of just how well purple goes with black. We’d say the same for bright blue over cordovan and yellow over lighter brown shoes. Fortune favors the bold, just try to stay in the same general color family so you end up more like this gentleman than this one.