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What Happens at the Day Spa Stays at the Day Spa

The Touch, The Feel: Here’s a semi-pornographic video promoting merino wool. We think it’s a metaphor for being naked inside a merino dress? But maybe we’re overthinking it. [Selectism]

The Mongolian Candidate: Perhaps you’d like to see pictures of Joe Biden preparing to wrestle two large Mongolian men who are wearing what, to western eyes, appears to be women’s clothing. [The Atlantic Wire]

Boy and Man: AoM goes all Jungian on us, deconstructing boyhood archetypes. We were always more of a “golden child.” [Art of Manliness]

Over and Over: Thomas Goetz sings the praises of the feedback loop. The takeaway: we need to buy one of those gadgets that monitors your brainwaves. [Wired]