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What Is a Fedora, Anyway?

  • Kempt Staff
What Is a Fedora, Anyway?

The fedora has gotten a bad rap over the years, and most of it’s been due to the confusion surrounding what constitutes a real fedora.

Even though you’d probably easily recognize the difference between the proper fedoras worn by the Bogarts of yesteryear and the stingy-brimmed abominations of classic trilbies or porkpies worn by boy-band types and  lonely nerds when shown side by side, the stigma persists. And more than anything it’s a matter of ignorance—or worse, indifference—which is something we can’t let stand.

So, in the event you’d like to pick up your own fedora—in straw form for the summer, or in the traditional felt—we’ve put together this handy guide on what’s a fedora and what is not...