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Web photography tends to mean wringing changes on a simple theme, whether it’s man-on-the-street style or upside-down dogs. Naturally, we prefer the former…

Todd Selby’s gimmick is simple: semi-famous creatives in their impeccably designed living spaces. It’s equal parts social scenery and interior design, making it required viewing for anyone looking for ideas about how to set up a homebase.

We got a closer look at Selby’s operation yesterday in his interview with The Cut, which gave us a pretty good idea of where he’s headed with the project. His wishlist? “Karl Lagerfeld, Hedi Slimane, Tom Ford, Dita Von Teese, Kanye West, Jason Schwartzman, Rick Rubin, Chloë Sevigny, Bruce Weber, Grace Coddington.” He’s definitely aiming high, but now that he's talked Michael Stipe into it, we don’t see why he shouldn’t aim even higher.

Also, that photograph behind him looks awfully familiar...