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Well Pressed


Ah, 1962. Drink it in.

A Continuous Lean has posted a handful of J. Press catalogs from back in the day, offering a firsthand peek into a style more than a few designers are currently chasing. Apparently the early 60s preppy look didn’t play out quite the way you imagined. For instance, cable-knit sweaters were much, much bigger than you think.

The biggest surprises are from staples like belts and socks. Where, if you were so moved, would you find a leather-backed art silk belt in 2008? Half-hose socks might be a little easier to locate, but not much. Even more surprising is that, while the ties are every bit as skinny as you’d imagine, the stripes are all descending, in the American style, rather than ascending as the Brits do it. Fifteen years ago, American stores would never have stocked an upward-sloping tie, but now, with Anglophilia in full swing, you’ll find them everywhere from Bloomingdale’s to Banana Republic.