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Weekending the Right Way: The Summer Alfresco Party

In this new weekly series, we peer into your summer weekend agenda and offer a few essential sundries to help you make the most of your upcoming escapade. This weekend, you’re throwing an alfresco soiree.

Let’s face it: that repurposed keg tub has served as the centerpiece of every outdoor party you’ve thrown since graduation. It’s time for it to leak weird liquid somewhere else. And since you’re already headed to the dump, you might as well toss out the wobbly coffee table, the not-supposed-to-be-blinking Christmas lights and, well, just about everything else that’s been outside for over a year. We know, you kind of like that stuff.

We also know you’re going to kind of like this stuff more...

The Wine Barrel Chiller

The Halley Lamp

The Solar-Powered Speaker

The Jambox

The Indian Madras Bowtie from J. Press

The Outdoor DVD Projector

The One-Man Alfresco Party

The Astroturf Pillow

The Portable Ice Machine

The BeHive (for Rain Delays)

Stay fresco,