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Weekending the Right Way: Being Childish

Labor Day is still a week off, but for all intents and purposes, this will serve as the last weekend of summer. After all, it’s the kid in us who cares about summer to begin with, and nothing says “autumnal equinox” to a kid quite like dozens of back-to-school commercials during the Little League World Series.

Which got us thinking—it’s been quite a grown-up summer so far, with our alfresco parties and our well-behaved houseguests and our member-guest golf tournaments. We almost forgot the most important part of summer: doing things you suck at. Being a beginner. Failing in front of the group. Flying blind. Skinning your knees.

So on that note, we suggest you jump in the nearest pool, close your eyes tight and start shouting “Marco!”

Here’s to being the fish out of water.