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Weekending the Right Way: Ball Game Edition

In this new weekly series, we peer into your summer weekend agenda and offer a few essential sundries to help you make the most of your upcoming escapade. This weekend, you’re taking in a game at the ballpark.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with wearing tent-sized cargo shorts and an XXL Nick Swisher jersey to the game.

It’s just that... actually, there is something wrong with it.

See, there’s another way. A better way. A handsomer way.

Allow us to elaborate...

The hat: Ebbets Flannels This is key. You need something to shade your face from a scorching sun. Something to help you stand out from the masses. And something to clearly state “I’m not a douchebag.” This should do—a cap from Ebbets Flannels, which specializes in recreating gear from extinct teams. (This one’s from the old minor league Minneapolis Millers.) They make custom unis, if you absolutely insist. (And if ball caps aren’t your thing, we also like this bucket cap from Ian Velardi.)

The glove: Akadema KenWel Model 560 This guy’s inspired by baseball past—specifically, the glove Dazzy Vance wore in the ’20s and ’30s—and made by Akadema (a brand that’s been endorsed by baseball’s future, Bryce Harper). Perfect if you happen to be catching one of the 1860s-rules-style games out on Georges Island this summer.

The shorts: Rag & Bone Nothing wrong with a suitably subtle pair of shorts. (Your legs deserve to see the game, too.) We like this button-fly, made-in-the-USA pair from Rag & Bone. They should be strong enough to last you until the Cubs take home the pennant. (Or you die, whichever comes first.)

The sunglasses: The Sama Louis Your seats: 12 rows behind home plate. Your neighbor: holding a radar gun. You: ready to talk shop with the scouts. These shades—which happen to be the ones Brad Pitt wore in Moneyball—should give you some GM cred. Or at least some guy-who-could-play-a-GM-in-a-movie cred.

A flask: Any goddamn flask you please We’re not saying you should bid on this LeRoy Neiman baseball commemorative flask. But you should totally bid on this LeRoy Neiman baseball commemorative flask.