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Weekend Roundup

Tie Breaker: In the tie/shirt balancing act, sometimes Astaire got it right and sometimes… [New Dandyism]

Jackpot!: Rogan Gregory, designer of Edun, wins the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award for his namesake line. [Fashion Week Daily]

Undersold: Haven't been to 7th on Sale? According to some, you're not missing much. [Second City Style]

Top Knot: If you bookmark just one site on tie knots, make it Thomas Fink's digital appendix to *85 Ways To Tie a Tie.* [Thomas Fink Online]

Hair to the Throne: Ok. So maybe you don't live in a palace, drive a Bentley, date this, sit as the Commadore-in-Chief of all Scotland and have your own coat of arms? At least you weren't this bald at 25. Were you? [StyleDash]