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Weathering a Hurricane in Style

  • Najib Benouar

A superstorm... the Frankenstorm... Sandy.

Whatever you’re calling the hurricane headed toward the Northeast this weekend, things are promising to get very wet, very quickly. So to weather this storm—and the ever-looming danger of torrential downpour this time of year—we’ve come up with a few integral upgrades to your rain gear that should keep you stylishly dry without looking like a rain-slicker-wrapped Gorton’s Fisherman (though not a bad last-minute Halloween costume idea). Even if that means braving a few errant drops or an oversized puddle—and taking it all in stride.

Upping your rain gear in five easy steps, courtesy of Kempt.

With a pair of over-shoe galoshes from Swims, you should be able to navigate most sidewalk puddles in whatever shoes you’re planning on wearing to the office that day—without having to swap shoes when you get there.

If a Mackintosh raincoat and your trusty blazer had a love child, it would be this weatherproof riding jacket from Nau.

Get an umbrella that will last you longer than the storm you desperately bought it during—and one that can hold a nip of your favorite body-warming libation. Like this Brigg umbrella with a flask hidden in the handle.

Even the widest umbrella can’t ever fully cover your pants—so make them weather-resistant, too, with the 60/30 Chino from Outlier.

And if all else fails, just grab a poncho and call it a day. We’re not talking about your tailgate-variety plastic sheet—we’re talking about something along the lines of this “rain cape” from Postalco.