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Wealthy And Chic, Wikipedia's Poor Reporting, and Sneakers, Resurrected


Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous: *Vanitry Fair* just released its best dressed list and guess what! They all have money! Shocking new development! [Jezebel]

Clothing And Cocktails: In case you were wondering, the proper mixer for linen is apparently gin. As if you didn’t know that already. [A Suitable Wardrobe]

Fact or Fiction: At least one news organization is keeping us informed about John Edwards’ mistress and love child. [Gawker]

Old Navy: A look at Mister Freedom’s line of navy inspired clothing. Another case of military meets chic. [A Continuous Lean]

Flying Back into Relativitiy: These PF Flyers are the 1st good looking models in quite some time. Since…. The Sandlot. [Uncrate]