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Wake Up, Mr. West


The trajectory of Kanye West’s Blog has been strikingly similar to Kanye’s own trajectory. At first, it was written off as gimmicky and well-connected. But, through frighteningly earnest enthusiasm, it’s gradually worked its way into our heart.

Which is why this morning’s scandal comes as such a shock.

No one knows better than us, it’s hard out there for a blogger, and more than a few have speculated that it must be hard for Kanye to tour, blog, make music, and star in vodka commercials without something giving way. A ghost blogger, perhaps?

The idea of someone lying on the internet is pretty shocking, so Kanye leapt into action with a excessively titled blog post containing these pictures of himself blogging away.

(Style note: unless you are Prince, never write “4” instead of “four.” Not even on your phone.)

The pictures are a nice touch, but they don’t settle anything. We’re still undecided ourselves. On one hand, Mr. West seems too busy to type all those exclamation points himself. On the other hand, who else would type so many exclamation points?