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Wading through the Archive


With Netflix, on-demand streaming and torrent sites on the march, the pool of movies you could watch tonight has grown to a truly bewildering size. Now you just need help finding the right one…

Luckily, as with the vast majority of your problems, the internet has this one covered.

Today brought us two new movie-sifting sites. First, our friends at UrbanDaddy just turned us onto Flickchart, a beta site that pits films head-to-head and uses the data to give you a list of both the most loved (and hated) films of all time, and your own personal favorite movies, which may be surprising. (The Late Shift? Anyone?) Unfortunately, the site’s still in beta, and if you didn’t happen to snag an invite, getting through the door can be a bit difficult.

In the meantime, you can tinker with Jinni, a new semantic engine that generates tilings based on abstract search terms like “romantic,” “with explosions” or “Amy Adams nude.” (Hey, it’s still the internet.) You'll still have to sign in, but they filled our invite in less than an hour, so you should still be able to find something in time for tonight. This particular tiling is for “stylish crime,” and the bigger tiles represent better matches…which must mean bushy eyebrows are about to make a comeback.

The only weakness of the sites so far is that they tend to the mainstream. Does Kill Bill really need more love, compared to, say, Le Samourai? But maybe that’s what bloggers are for.