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Vested Interest

  • Jared Paul Stern

The Vest Struts Its Stuff

Just as designers and the likes of *GQ* try to convince men to get back into three-piece suits this season, the trend-happy *New York Times* Styles section is taking the contrarian route, advising readers to forego the whole hog and simply sport the vest.

In the process, however, they unfairly blame the demise of the three-piece suit back in the day on the wristwatch, claiming the absence of a watch chain made it surplus to requirements. We feel bound to point out however that the wristwatch, while certainly no friend to the vest, did not kill the three-piece suit; the wristwatch killed the pocket watch and called it a day. No jury would convict; the evidence is clear—the three-piece was done in by the trifecta of central heating, wartime fabric rationing and a general relaxation of formality in men's dress. We wouldn't want you repeating the *Times*' tall tales when you're out at the clubs; some sartorial stickler might just decide to kick your ass. Especially if you're dressed like this.

Ditching the Suit, the Vest Struts Its Stuff [NYT]


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