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Van Gogh In the Instagram Era

  • Najib Benouar

Instagram Van Gogh Self-Potrait

Long before we had Instagram, the only way to memorialize yourself in your luxest fineries was by painting a self-portrait. And as you’re probably aware, Vincent van Gogh took a lot of oil-painting selfies back then—documenting his varying levels of inebriation and earlobe.

Recently, one curious architect/photographer, Tadao Cern, connected the dots and turned one of van Gogh’s most famous self-portraits into a stunningly accurate digital-age interpretation and documented the process in a clever video (we’ve got it after the jump). Notably, the neatly-bearded van Gogh and his blogger-blue velvet three-piece don’t look much out of place in today’s menswear landscape. We’re looking forward to the full lookbook next fall.

See the original painting and how Cern turned it into a back-to-the-future Insta-selfie:

Revealing The Truth from Tadao Cern on Vimeo.